All the single ladies…

This post is a wake-up call to single women. It may come off a bit sexist, but believe me, the same lesson applies to men – it’s just that most men already know this.

Here’s the scenario: single woman complains that she can’t find a good boyfriend. All the guys she meets just want one thing, and once they get it, they do a 180 and lose interest. Where have all the good guys gone, she asks. Why do I keep attracting jerks, she cries.

NEWS FLASH. That jerk you say only wants sex and dumped you after you slept with him? He’s about to meet a girl who is smarter, more interesting, and more mature than you, and he will treat her right and they will live happily ever after. The hard truth is, you just weren’t good enough for him to want to keep you.

Stop blaming men. It won’t do you any good, and nobody likes a negative Nancy. Instead, shine your flashlight inward and give yourself a reality check with these questions:

  1. Am I a genuinely interesting person? Am I emotionally stable and fun?
  2. What do guys want in a serious partner, and am I presenting myself as someone who can give them those things?
  3. Am I a high-value girl, and am I making him work hard to win me over?
  4. Am I the best girlfriend imaginable and will I absolutely rock his world?

If your answer is “no” to any of the above questions, go back to the drawing board. Stop wasting time and start thinking about how to be a better you. Hit the gym. Take a dance class.  Read more so you have things to talk about. Google “how to please your man.” Take control of the things you can control, and you’ll start feeling more confident and seeing more success with men.

The problem with guys is that we often don’t know whether or not we really like a girl until after we’ve slept with her. The possibility of sex clouds our judgment. The only way for a woman to be sure a guy won’t walk out on her after she gives herself to him, is to make him wait, wait, and wait some more. Some guys won’t wait. Actually, most guys won’t.  Some guys will stay even if you sleep with them early on. But if you ONLY want to sleep with guys who really like you, make them wait. If he still pursues you after at least a couple months of getting to know you, you’re doing something right. Now do whatever you can to be the best girlfriend imaginable.

As with anything in life, your efforts will be rewarded.


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