Remembering The Goonies

The Goonies is one of my all-time favorite movies.  It had everything a kids movie ought to have: adventure, comedy, action, romance, mystery, smack talking, and evil grownups. Best of all, these kids acted like you and me (I think what’s wrong with kids movies these days is the kids just don’t feel like real people… why do they always have to have superpowers now?  Damn you J.K. Rowling!  Moving on…)  I watched The Goonies so many times growing up.  In fact I have a habit of yelling “Heyyy youu guuuyyss!” whenever I yawn.  I think I got it from my older brother.  Speaking of older brothers, I’m writing all this because I just had a mind-blowing realization…

Okay maybe not as mind-blowing as you expected, but I’m a film nut, and I pride myself on tracing the careers of actors, directors, producers, and sometimes even cinematographers and film composers.  So I can’t believe I hadn’t picked this one up earlier.

If you’re curious (and you should be) about what happened to the rest of the goonies, GremlinDog has a good “where are they now” article about our old friends.

Hell, while I’m at it, some of my favorite quotes from The Goonies:

  • “It’s ok, you’re a Goonie and Goonies always mess up… just… don’t mess up any more.”
  • “Come on, Brand!  Slip her the tongue!”
  • “I’ve got an idea.  Why don’t we just spread chocolate all over the floor and let Chunk eat his way through?”
  • “Hi mom.  Hi dad.  I guess we’re in big shit now right?”

And of course…


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