NBA 2011-2012 Pump-up Video


Nothing like a little Al Pacino to get you psyched for just about anything.  I wish I could hang with Pacino just for a day to see how he reacts to everyday things…

“You see that merry go-round?  That, right there, yeah.  LOOK.  That merry go-round goes round and round you see… and when that merry go-round STOPS!, there’s NO TELLING! who… (whispers) is gonna get on that horse next.”

Buying an apple: “How can you charge… 4 Yuan for AN APPLE!  HO!  You makin’ a big mistake my friend.  Big mistake.  You’re going down brother.  You… are going down.  You lost.  You cock-a-roach.  You think you big time?  Here comes the pain!”

Maybe I got a little carried away there.  Either way I’m stoked for this NBA season.  We are gonna see some big trades and soon, mark my words.



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