On second thought, maybe that’s a bad idea

The Netherlands’ national air carrier, KLM, is set to launch a Facebook app that will allow passengers to pick their seatmates based on similarities in their online profiles.  After purchasing a ticket, passengers will be invited to link their Facebook profiles to their check-in information using a web tool called “Meet & Seat.”

They will then be presented with a list of other passengers with similar interests, hobbies, and/or vocations who have done the same, and will be able to select the person they feel most comfortable sharing the flight with.

The app is still being developed, and the official launch isn’t expected until next year, but other airlines are already looking into building similar “social seating tools.”

At first I thought this sounded pretty neat – my last flight would’ve been a lot nicer if I wasn’t sitting next to a man who constantly sniffled and picked his nose and flicked his boogers without a care in the world. But even that guy is probably better than some creep who’s going to hit on you the whole flight because they saw your profile and decided you’re soul mates.  And if all the high school kids are trying to sit next to the college kids, who are trying to sit next to the young entrepreneurs (drug dealers), and the older men are trying to sit next to the high school kids… there’s no way for everyone to get their preference.  Not to mention you’ll feel obligated to chat with the person next to you since they already know a little about you.  It’s like being forced to speed date, but you only get one or two people to talk to and it lasts for hours.

On the bright side, the mile high club can look forward to a rise in membership.


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