Dreaming about tomorrow

We aren’t on this planet for long. Each of us lives and dies in the smallest fraction of time, and the traces most of us leave behind may be no more than the memories of those closest to us. All of our triumphs, our tribulations, our passions, our tears, our loves… at the end of the day, do they mean anything at all?

Throughout human history there has been a driver of progress that has taken our species from caves to crop fields, villages to cities and to outer space. It has given us tools, language, philosophy, science, healthcare, transportation…it has built the world around us and given us a place in it. Our greatest advances haven’t been brought about by a desire for money or power. They have been driven by our thirst for knowledge; our passion for understanding. Our innate desire to explore ourselves and our environment and use that knowledge to build a better future. That is how we leave our mark. It’s how we become part of something bigger than the fleeting moment of time in which we are alive. It gives us purpose, not as individuals but as an entire race.

What happens when the dreamers of tomorrow are cast aside?


2 thoughts on “Dreaming about tomorrow

  1. If the dreamers of tomorrow are cast aside, we will become complacent, and life will become dull, and the evolution of our species will slow down.
    Luckily, it will not happen. Keeping our species alive is one fundamental drive force of human kind, curiosity is another. Some of us will always dream about the future; some of us take care of the present; some of us study the past to gain hindsight. It’s the variety of interests and curiosities that keeps our race balanced and full of life. The congress made a temporary compromise, to meet some other needs when other needs seem more urgent. I am hopeful that it will change. You can’t suppress curiosity. A nation as liberal and creative as America, sooner or later we will realize, yet again, that future must be explored, now. We can’t help it.

    By the way, I do not think that life has any objective meaning. We define the meaning of life however we want therefore the meaning of life is subjective. I am a nihilist 🙂

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