Only in China: “Virgin boy eggs”

I haven’t seen or heard of anything like this in Shanghai, but apparently in Dongyang, a popular springtime snack among the locals is something called “virgin boy eggs” – eggs that have been prepared in the urine of primary school boys, preferably under 10 years old.

Vendors say they collect the magical ingredient from primary school toilets after classes are finished. To make virgin boy eggs, they boil the eggs in a pot of urine, and then crack the shells and let the eggs soak in the pee for up to a day. Some residents even collect the urine on their own so they can prepare the treats at home.

Fans of virgin boy eggs  are willing to pay double the usual price of eggs because they believe it has special health benefits, such as better blood circulation and resistance to heat stroke. Riiiiight…

Credit: geekosystem


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