Here’s looking at you, movie stars

An alluring (or creepy?) compilation of movie characters making eye contact with the camera (or us?), brought to you by ClaraDarko2.

If there’s one thing these supercuts always remind me it’s that I’ve managed to watch (and remember vividly) a pretty absurd amount of movies in my life.


On an unrelated note, the iPhone app Sigmund, which claims to allow users to manipulate their own dreams, has been getting a lot of buzz. Developed at Harvard and MIT and based on the latest scientific studies of dream modification, the app works by whispering verbal stimuli to you while you sleep. Years ago I read about lucid dreaming, followed some steps to train myself to have lucid dreams, and was able to do it several times. Point being, the idea of being able to manipulate your own dreams isn’t nonsense. So I’ll give Sigmund a try. Sweet dreams.


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