Welcome to my world

My blog contains the following sections:

  1. My Interests – usually funny but sometimes just interesting news, pictures and videos that I come across.
  2. My Thoughts – what I think about…stuff.
  3. My Work – work that I’ve done and business-related articles.
  4. The Birds and the Bees – my thoughts on men and women, relationships, and everything in between. Naturally, this section gets the most traffic.

I believe that a generation from now, having your own website will be commonplace.  Friendster, Myspace, and Facebook started us off by giving us our own page, but now building your own website, your way, has become easy enough for any yo-yo to do.  70% of U.S. recruiters admit to using Facebook as a “background check” for candidates – but I think we’ll see a growing number of young people with links on their CVs that go directly to that person’s own website, allowing recruiters to get a far clearer picture than ever before.  So if you’re thinking about starting your own blog or website, I’d get a jump on it now.



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